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Specialist Chemical and Mineral Products for your
Underground Applications: DSI Schaum Chemie

In 1992, our subsidiary was founded in Poland. In 1995, our company was the first in Poland to produce liquid chemical components for mines.

Our company has an excellent reputation on the market. We continue to search for novel solutions and innovative materials not only for your specific needs in the underground mining sector, but also for construction and environmental protection industries.

Welcome to our new website!

As our business is  steadily growing, we have created a new website to provide you with an overview of our business activities. From now on, you will also find interactive content such as videos or product animations on our site. We are continuously working on keeping our content up-to-date so that we can offer you new information about our technical systems and services.

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For more information, please call:
+48-32-355 90 81 or e-mail: info@noSpam.dsi-schaumchemie.pl

DYWIDAG Systems International (DSI) has signed agreements to acquire Jennmar businesses outside the US and sell its US Mining business to Jennmar

Luxembourg, February 2nd 2016 - Jennmar and DSI have signed an agreement under which DSI will acquire Jennmar businesses in Australia, Europe, Latin America and China (50% share). Jennmar China, along with well-established jointly owned businesses in South Africa and Australia, will operate under the ROCBOLT Technologies brand.



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DSI Image Trailer

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