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Two - component urea adhesive Fixorapid®.

Fixorapid ® resin: liquid, urea and formaldehyde resin solution with additives;

Fixorapid® hardener: liquid, diluted mineral acids with additives.

Fields of Application

In the mining industry:

  • To strengthen and harden rock mass: roofs, floors and side walls;
  • To strengthen and stabilise the side wall;
  • To set and consolidate loose rocks; to fill gaps;
  • To seal rock mass;
  • To fill roof supports type PINK - AS.

In the c onstruction industry and tunneling technology: To perform other works where materials with such parameters need to be used.


It can be used in poorly and highly loose, dry, damp and highly flooded rocks, coal beds in mines and other underground facilities such as tunnels and hydraulic drifts.

  • Non-meltable and insoluble. Insensitive to the action of saline waters.
  • Non - flammable; it does not glow. Burning time 0 sec; glowing time 0 sec; oxygen index OI=39.5%.
  • Shows high bending and compressive strength;
  • Resistant to atmospheric factors and biological degradation.
  • Antistatic with low resistance below R s =1x109 Ω ,
  • The application of the product does not affect the readings of the mine atmosphere sensors.
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