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Two-component urea-formaldehyde foam.

Resin solution: liquid urea and formaldehyde resin solution with additives and modifiers;

Foaming solution: phosphoric acid aqueous solution with an addition of a surface-active agent.

To obtain 1m3 of the foam, normally 20 liters of the resin solution and 15 liters of the foaming solution are used. Gelling time about 30 ÷ 60 sec.

Fields of Application

In the mining industry:

  • To fill and seal ventilation and insulation stoppings;
  • To fill cribs and gaps behind the double timber;
  • To fill roofs and side walls in workings; 
  • To insulate workings and active and inactive headings;  
  • To fill gaps and cracks in the rock mass;
  • To fill plastic sleeves and bags;
  • To pump behind the fabric of the filling;
  • To provide thermal insulation.

In the construction industry and tunneling technology, to perform other works where materials with such parameters need to be used.


  • The guaranteed durability of the ready-made foam in headings is 5 years.
  • High yield owing to 30-fold foaming Durability of good sealing properties even after compressing to 90%.
  • Foam incombustibility: oxygen index 28%.
  • Strong inhibitor of the coal oxidizing process (class 4 in the 5 grade classification of the Central Mining Institute). Prolongs the coal self-heating process.
  • The application of the product does not affect the readings of the mine atmosphere sensors.
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