Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Experienced, passionate, committed

We are mining and tunneling experts. As individuals, teams and a business, we are passionate about driving progress underground and helping our customers work faster, smarter, and more safely and sustainably. We believe that even the smallest improvement helps make an incremental difference. In everything we do – every action and transaction, every visit and phone call, every decision and interaction – we are committed to adding value and helping you make sustainable progress with your mines and tunnels, operations and processes.

Our philosophy is FORWARD.

This summarizes our approach to work, customers and problem-solving. Whatever we face, we find the way forward – and this is captured in our four core values:

We are Tenacious.We never give up. Whatever the challenge, we work tirelessly to find a way forward and won’t stop until we’ve delivered the right solution.


We are Agile.We respond decisively and with pace to every request, mobilizing our people and our manufacturing resources to meet customer needs and help them plan forward with confidence.
We are Reliable.Our products perform to expectation, our people do what they say, and our supply chain delivers to keep businesses moving forward efficiently.
We are
Upholding the very best in social, ethical and environmental commitments to benefit all.

It is only by living our values, adhering to our philosophy, and upholding our mission that we can lead the way in ground support for both mining and tunneling – helping your business progress.


To be the global leader in providing ground support solutions, supported by our team of strata reinforcement specialists and developing advanced technologies.


To provide safety to underground operations and deliver expertise and sustainability for mining and tunneling globally.

DSI Schaum Chemie Sp. z o.o.

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